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Aric Villarreal
Photograph of Aric Villarreal

Reference & Outreach Librarian, Webmaster

U.S. Department of Commerce
NOAA Office of Atmospheric Research
Boulder Labs Library
325 Broadway - R/ESRL51
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Phone: (303) 497-3003
Fax: (303) 497-3890

As with most of us in the field, Aric Villarreal never intended to become a librarian. Growing up in southern California, he joined the US Marines in 1992, and was stationed in Hawaii, Japan, and El Toro, California as a radio operator and then as a marksmanship instructor. Afterwards he attended Cal State-Fullerton where he received a B.A. in Philosophy (minor in History). Graduate school led him to University of Arizona - Tucson where he completed his first M.A. in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies.

Favorite Library Resource

Browsing journals (especially older volumes) to discover fascinating research tidbits

Aric always believed that his career would guide him to academia due to his appreciation of reading and studies, but he wasn't enthusiastic about teaching full-time. Librarianship seemed like a perfect union between academia and public service. A scholarship opportunity emerged and Aric was granted a full ride to library school where he received his second M.A. from the University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science.

While in Tucson Aric was involved in the WeSearch program, mentoring high school students living in underserved communities on accessing consumer health information and conducting community outreach programs. He was also employed by the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) as their sole librarian, tasked with reorganizing their library, making the collection more accessible and searchable for scientists, in addition to publishing a more usable map catalog that included extensive metadata. Aric also participated in an internship at the Veterans Affairs Library answering health-related reference questions and filling interlibrary loan requests.

A dedicated musician, Aric owns both classical and electric guitars. Aric is also an avid movie watcher, and likes to read a variety of newspapers and books on philosophy, history and political / social theory. His claim to fame is winning the 1995 Kaneohe-Bay Jalapeño-Eating Contest in Hawaii. Aric has also climbed Mt. Fuji and Mauna Kea. He resides in Denver with his charming wife, Angela.

Added 1/7/09

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