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December 2009 - News Archive
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The Boulder Labs Library Presents: Naomi Maruyama

Hometown:  About 60 miles Northwest of Tokyo, Japan.

Education: B.S. Geophysics, Tokoku University, Japan, 1997; M.S. Geophysics, Tokoku University, Japan, 1999; Ph.D. Geophysics, Hokkaido University, Japan, 2002.

Favorite Activity: Competitive Tennis.

Naomi is an affiliate with CIRES. She works in the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), as part of projects funded by NASA and NSF, to develop a model predicting the interactions between the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere during magnetic storms. Naomi spends most of her time behind a computer, “actually writing programs,” in order to develop a more complete model predicting the ionospheric response to geomagnetic disturbances.

At the Library
Naomi makes use of the print materials at the library extensively. Many of the books checked out are to prepare presentations for conferences, such as in the Summer of 2009 when she did her first overview talk, reporting on her own research project.

In addition to books, Naomi makes extensive use of journal access. “I use a lot of ILL, because it saves time to copy/scan articles that I do not have access to here. I find it extremely useful.” She mentions another heavily-used service, for finding both articles and citations--for Naomi, “Web of Science is the most favored activity related to the library.”

Naomi Maruyama, PhD.

Select Publications
Maruyama, N., S. Watanabe, and T. J. Fuller-Rowell, Dynamic and energeticcoupling in the equatorial ionosphere and thermosphere (2003), J. Geophys.Res., 108(A11), 1396, doi:10.1029/2002JA009599.

Maruyama, N., A. D. Richmond, T. J. Fuller-Rowell, M. V. Codrescu, S, Sazykin, F.Toffoletto, R. W. Spiro, and G. H. Millward (2005), Interaction between directpenetration and disturbance dynamo electric fields in the storm-time equatorial ionosphere, Geophys. Res. Lett., doi:10.1029/2005GL023763.

Maruyama, N., S. Sazykin, R.W. Spiro, D. Anderson, A. Anghel, R.A. Wolf, F. Toffoletto, T.J. Fuller-Rowell, M.V. Codrescu, A.D. Richmond, and G.H. Millward (2007), Modeling storm-time electrodynamics of the low latitude ionosphere-thermosphere system: Can long lasting disturbance electric fields be accountedfor?, J. Atmos. Solar Terr. Physics., DOI: 10.1016/j.jastp.2006.08.020

To find out more about Naomi Maruyama, check out her Library User display, located at the Branch Library!

Added 12/15/09

New Patent Resources

The Boulder Labs Library has just added four new patent resources to the “Patents” section of our Ready Reference page.   From the library home page, click on “Reference Tools,” then “Ready Reference,” and from the Ready Reference drop-down menu, select “Patents.” Depatisnet, EPO Publication Server, INPI, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) all offer a different range of information to be searched with regard to patents and intellectual property law.

Added 12/21/09


Boulder Labs Library Retrospective: 2000-2009

It has been an eventful decade for the Boulder Labs Library. By the end of the 1990's, the conversion of print materials to online resources was in full swing. The Boulder Labs Library website, originally created in 1995, would go through many changes during the ensuing decade-and-a-half, with the number of online resources growing exponentially. Long-time familiar faces around the library would bid farewell, as new members would be welcomed on-board. Below are highlights from the past decade:

2000 – 99% of Boulder Labs Library holdings have been migrated to our online catalog. Library conducts sixth journal use study. The library holds approximately 300 e-journals. 

2001 – Jane Watterson, reference librarian, retires in January, having worked at the Boulder Labs Library since 1974. Boulder Labs Library online News Archive created. Books 24x7 added to the library collection.

2002 – Web site reorganized. Academic Search Premier and Business Source Premier added to database roster.

2003 – Library wins NOAA Administrator's Award in May, "For innovative and aggressive application of information technology in brining electronic information services and resources directly to the scientists in Commerce Boulder Laboratories." ILLiad implemented for interlibrary loan processing. Books In Print added to database page. The main library is closed for asbestos abatement and public services staff worked from the fifth floor of Bldg. 1.

2004 – Katherine Day, reference and interlibrary loan librarian, retires after two decades of service. January 15 saw the reopening of the Main Library, complete with new moveable shelving. Library website reorganized again, in light of new NOAA CFAS regulations, into its current form. JSTOR journals added to the library's collection of e-resources.

2005 – "Changing the World @ the Library" begins in October, featuring a profile of a library user for each month for the next year.  ILLiad 5000th request winner, Marcia Huber, announced. BioOne, which offers full-text access to articles in the fields of biology and environmental science, is added to the library collection.

2006 – 10,000th ILLiad request winner, Arno Laesecke, announced.  RSS feed for library News created.  Conducted trial of Scopus, but determined that the library's current Web of Science subscription better fulfilled the Boulder Labs community's research needs. The roof in the library's archive area caves in, causing technical services staff to be moved to the fifth floor while technical reports and archival items are inaccessible for the next 2½ years.

2007Dottie Anderson transferred from Maryland, as the new Lead Public Services Librarian.  Library director John Welsh retires in May, having been at Boulder Labs since 1978.  In August, Dottie is appointed as the new director.  WorldWideScience and Scitopia are added to the database list.

2008Greenfile, Journal Citation Reports added to database page. In October, Mike Robinson is our new ILL Librarian. In November, Aric Villarreal is the new Reference and Outreach Librarian.

2009 – February 25th is the EndNote Web seminar, hosted by the Boulder Labs Library. June 10th, IEEE Xplore seminar hosted.  GeoRef and Access Engineering added to the library's collection of e-resources. October—F.T. Bronzan and Joan Segal return to the Boulder Labs Library, filling their current positions as ILL Technician and Lead Public Services Librarian, respectively. The library conducts its ninth journal use study. As of December, the library offers approximately 1,100 e-journal titles.

Upcoming in the Boulder Labs Library News, we will feature the changes that are anticipated for the next ten years. Happy New Year!

Added 12/30/09


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