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February 2010 - News Archive
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Missing In Action: Library Books

These books are missing from the Library and are needed for other researchers. If you have any of these items please return them immediately.

Added 2/2/10

Journal Cancellations

After careful analysis, including interpretation of use patterns during the last five journal use studies and a public comment period, the Boulder Labs Library has decided to drop its subscriptions to the following journalsIf you have any questions about the loss of any of these journals please contact Joan Segal (x5565,

Added 2/10/10

Millions of Data Sets on Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha <>, developed by Stephen Wolfram, is a "computational knowledge engine" rather than a traditional search engine. It draws on its own database to generate data and calculations relevant to an entered search term.

Topics relevant to the sciences include:





Computational Sciences

Statistics & Data Analysis

Earth Sciences

Units & Measures




Web & Computer Systems


WolframAlpha Fluid MechanicsFlow around a cylinder with data

Above: Entering the term "fluid dynamics" produces a list of related terms, including "vortex potential," "flow around a cylinder," "Bernoulli's equation," and "Blasius displacement thickness." Choosing "flow around a cylinder" (left) gives formulae and a graph related to the phenomenon (right).

WolframAlpha provides a formidable reference tool for researchers working in any field. It is easy to use, and offers a stunningly concise array of information.

Added 2/18/10

Library Website Redesign Survey – Responses need by March 5th

The Boulder Labs Library is redesigning its website and needs your input. The following survey consists of twelve questions and should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. It is confidential, and any personal information shared on this form is for library use only.

Your input is important to us and will help to improve both the content and navigation of our site. Please complete the survey by Friday, March 5th. If you have any further comments or questions, please email the webmaster, Aric Villarreal at

Added 2/22/10

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