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Locating Digitally-Archived Government Documents Made Easier

Looking for a government document? Try the Registry of U.S. government Publication Digitization Projects. It facilitates quick and easy access, via a collection of links to individual digital archives. Search by a specific project or browse by the following categories:

The main page for each project contains descriptive, administrative, and technical metadata related to the archive. Listed under "Descriptive Information" is the URL link to the project. To contribute to the Registry, login and use the "My Registry" tab to view, add, and edit your listings.

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NTRS Offers Full-Text Access to NASA Tech Reports

Satellite photo of nebula

The NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) site offers full-text access to over 90,000 documents, in addition to 111,000 images and videos, and 500,000 citations. Types of documents include:

Dates covered range from 1915 to 1958 for the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, precursor to NASA) collection, and 1958 onward for the NASA collection. Also included is the NIX (NASA Image eXchange) collection for images, photographs, movies, and videos, which can be searched independently through its own website or linked from NTRS. Coverage for NIX is from 1900-present.

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Catch Up on the Biggest Scientific News Stories of 2010!

NASA image of last quarter moonriseDon't miss these breakthroughs expected for 2011!

Four major popular science publications have released their “top ten” lists of the biggest news stories of 2010.  Here they are,  in case you may have missed these stories the first time around:


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New Optical Society Platforms Allow for Easier Navigation, New Features

The Optical Society (OSA) now offers new features on its main website, using the upgraded My Infobase login.  These include:

Additionally, certain OSA journals have enhanced web platforms with these new features, all accessible from a tabbed menu:

Journals with these features, held by the Boulder Labs Library include:





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