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Library Adds New Journal: Nature Climate Change

Nature Publishing Group launched its new journal, Nature Climate Change, in April. The Boulder Labs Library has purchased a site-wide license for online access to the journal and will subscribe to the print edition when available. Online access is now available via the library’s electronic journal page. Click here to learn more about this new publication:

Nature Climate Change features:

Cover of Nature Climate Change

Added 5/4


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources (IWR) program provides publications and software related to hydrology and civil engineering involving water resources. Resources include:             

US Army Corps of Engineers logo

Projects/subject areas engaged by IWR include:

Added 5/11


NNDB Offers Wealth of Information on Important Researchers

The Notable Names Database (NNDB) provides concise biographies on anybody of note, including scientists. For instance, entering the name “Paul Dirac” gives us a bio page for the scientist, including birth and death dates, where he was born, nationality, where he worked and taught, awards, as well as a list of books written by Dirac. The bio narrative contains links to other researchers with whom he has an association, including Niels Bohr and Eugene Wigner

The site also features the NNDB Mapper, a visualization tool that shows the connection between a particular person and other entities within the database, such as institutions, people, and events. At the bottom of the bio for Paul Dirac is a link for NNDB Mapper. Clicking on this link brings up Dirac’s name connected to all of the institutions with which he was affiliated during his career. Clicking on any of them will introduce these options:

NNDB Mapper for Paul DiracNNDB Mapper with expanded nodes

Above Left: NNDB Mapper image showing all of the institutions with which Paul Dirac was associated. Right: Mapper image for Dirac, with "Expand nodes" selected for the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Added 5/18


OpenDOAR Offers Access to Open Archives Worldwide

OpenDOAR Google Map of Germany showing two repositories for Physics and Astronomy

OpenDOAR (homophone for “open door”), also known as the Directory of Open Access Repositories, aggregates all archives with online digital archives worldwide, including repositories for scientific resources. There are four different ways to search:





Added 5/25


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