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Mendeley -- Reference Manager & Social Network

Mendeley is a cloud-based bibliographic management software program. It is also a tool for collaborating with other researchers online. Upon downloading and creating an online login, the researcher can access these features:

Mendeley is now linked from the library’s Bibliographic Management page, under “Freeware citation management programs available to all users.”

Added 5/1


New Google Scholar Metrics

Google Scholar users now have a way of discovering impact factors for journals  and authors. Google Scholar Metrics includes:

Visit the Google Scholar Metrics help page for an explanation of each of these metrics.  Metrics measuring impacts for journals are the h5-index and h5-median. To find these, visit the Google Scholar search publications page (image below), where you can search by journal title, and filter by language. This page, however, is linked only from the Google Scholar Metrics help page, but not the Google Scholar main page.  

Screenshot of Gogle Scholar publications page

To find the career-cumulative and 5-year h-indexes for individual authors (including yourself if any of your output appears in Google Scholar), click “My Citations,” and you will be prompted to create a profile. Upon doing so, your profile will feature a “Search Authors” box in the upper right-hand corner. Enter the name of a researcher, and if that researcher also has a “My Citations” profile, you will be able to view that author’s impact scores and times cited for each of his or her articles indexed in Google Scholar.

Added 5/9


Rocky Mountain Institute Library

The Rocky Mountain Institute is an organization devoted to researching ways in which corporate and government entities can improve operational efficiency while incorporating clean energy solutions. The RMI library offers online resources related to its research and impact, and includes:

Besides the library, the RMI site also features links to news articles about the organization, as well as a blog.

Added 5/15


Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Data Resources

Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Laboratory (LDEO) conducts research in the areas of geophysics, climatology, oceanography and environmental sciences. LDEO maintains links to databases and repositories. Those relevant to Boulder Labs research include: Lamon-Doherty logo

Added 5/23


Geo.Data.Gov Provides Integrated Access to Geospatial Information

Geo.Data.Gov screenshot of search

Geo.Data.Gov features map downloads and government geospatial information. Over 400,000 datasets are included, and are accessible by way of either a browse function or search. Browsing is by subject area, and the search feature includes:











Added 5/30


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