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CERN Document Server

The CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) document server is a full-text online repository for the organization’s output. So far, the repository contains over 1.2 million documents, mostly in the area of particle physics. Document types include:CERN logo

Search options include Basic and Advanced Search, as well as browsing by collection.

Added 6/6


Journal Volume Missing

Remote Sensing of Environment volume 7-8 (1979) is missing from the shelves at the Boulder Labs Branch Library. We ask that researchers check their offices for the volume. If found, please return to the Library (Branch DSRC 2C-407 or Main 1-1202).  

Added 6/13


NASA iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System

Image from NASA displaying ENLIL density

Image of ENLIL density for inner planets, from NASA iNtegrate Web Applications.

NASA’s iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System features apps for viewing space weather data on mobile devices. Data is available in the following areas:

This information can also be viewed from your desktop via the iSWA System Web Application.



Added 6/19


Library’s Technical Services Moving July 9 & 10

The Boulder Labs Library's Technical Services ("behind-the-scenes" functions) will be moving from Building 1 to Building 33 (DSRC). The move is scheduled to take place July 9-10, 2012.

How this move may affect you:

Added 6/26


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