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PANGAEA: Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science

Screenshot from Pangaea

PANGAEA is an Open Access repository dedicated to archiving and disseminating earth system data. Data may be searched by keyword or Advanced Search. Searching may be narrowed my type of data such as:

The Advanced Search feature includes an interactive map that allows searches to be limited by geographic coverage (shown left). Users may also submit data.


Added 9/5


Springer Open Access E-Books Program

SpringerOpen is now accepting submissions for open access e-books. The SpringerOpen e-books program includes:

All e-books will be available on SpringerLink, as well as via the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), facilitating discoverability.

Added 9/12


Wiley Adapts CC-BY License for Open Access Journals

Wiley has adapted the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license for its Open Access journals. Under the license, users may use the work in the following manner: WileyOpen logo

Those using articles under the CC-BY license must attribute the work.

Added 9/19


CU Boulder “Learn More About Climate” Site

CU Boulder’s “Learn More About Climate” site contains videos, educational resources, scientist interviews, and lectures. Categories on this site include:CU logo

Visitors to the site may also sign up to receive monthly updates on teaching tools and professional development opportunities.

Added 9/26


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