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Symbolab—Symantic Scientific Equation Search

Symbolab screenshotSymbolab allows users to search for resources related to scientific equations. You may enter numbers,
symbols, text, or any combination thereof. Search results include:

Works may either be linked or downloadable via PDF. Symbolab results lists also link to Wolfram Alpha,
which was featured in the February 2010 Library News.


Added 12/5


Top 10 Years Old

Celebrating a decade of existence as the one-stop portal for all government-generated scientific output, has expanded its usability and content to logo

The current version of is 5.0. Its 2.0 version was originally covered in the February 2005
Library News

Added 12/12


Geoscience Data Journal New OA Title via Wiley

Currently accepting article submissions, the Geoscience Data Journal is a new Open Access, peer-reviewed title, published by the Royal Meteorological Society and available via the Wiley Online Library.  Journal articles focus on the curation of datasets from the following areas:

Wiley Online logoArticles will be published on a for-fee basis, and use governed by the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Added 12/18


SciLogs Science Blogs

Scilogs logoSciLogs hosts blogs from all areas of science. Features include:

Added 12/26


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