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News · Archive · Monthly Newsletter Offers Novel Way to Acces E-Books is an online community devoted to “crowdfunding” campaigns for publishing e-book versions of popular titles, accessible under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Creative Commons attribution is what drives the Open Access movement in journal publishing, and operates on a similar principle, which is to make e-books available without a subscription fee. Site features include:

So far, six books are available via the CC license, with hundreds of public domain works available for download, and two active crowdfunding campaigns.

Added 6/5


American Chemical Society’s ChemWorx

ACS ChemWorx combines several research, collaboration, and publication management applications in one interface.  Designed for researchers in chemistry and related fields, ChemWorx features include:

Use of ACS ChemWorx requires login registration, which is free.

Added 6/12


Greater Visibility for Data with Figshare

Whether your experiment was successful or not, the data you have gathered may be useful to others. Figshare allows you to get credit for all of your research including negative data. Once uploaded, your research output can be cited, shared, and discovered. Features include:

Creating a login is free, with the option to link your ORCID identifier with your Figshare profile.

Figshare logoAdded 6/19



Full Text of Citing Patents Now Available in IEEE Xplore

An exciting new feature is available from IEEE Xplore, called  “Forward Patent Citations,” which allows you to view the full-text of patents that cite articles. Here are the steps:IEEE Result with patents citing

  1. Patents citing articles on a results page will be indicated on the “Cited By” line of an article description (shown right)
  2. Click on the link next to “Cited By” for the list of patents
  3. Full-texts of each patent can be viewed via PDF or by clicking its unique “View at Patent Office” link (shown below)
  4. You can also reach the list of citing patents by clicking on the link for the article title, then the “Cited By” tab

IEEE Patents cited by list






Added 6/26


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