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Blog Post Warns Against Scholarly Publishing Scams

Warning signAngela Cochran, in a post on The Scholarly Kitchen blog, warns of predatory practices in scholarly publishing that target potential authors. Examples include:

Cochran recommends guidelines to help authors avoid publishing scams. These include the List of Standalone Journals and list of misleading metrics, published by Jeffrey Beall.

Added 6/4


New OA Title in the Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology, and Oceanography (ASCMO) is a new Open Access journal by Copernicus Publications. It is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to statistical applications in the atmospheric & oceanic sciences. The journal will include articles from researchers in the following fields:

Publication will begin soon; ASCMO is currently accepting submissions, with fees waived.

Added 6/11


Utopia Makes PDF Documents Interactive

Utopia is a free, open source PDF reader that allows researchers to integrate the readability of PDF documents with the interactivity of the web. Interactive features include:

For more information:

Added 6/18



DataCiteDataCite develops tools to assign and resolve DOI’s for online datasets, thereby facilitating convenient discovery and reuse, and enabling data to be cited in the same way as conventional published articles and books. DataCite services include:

DataCite is a non-profit organization based out of Britain. Members and affiliates include institutional repositories worldwide.

Added 6/25


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