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NSF Introduces Plan to Make Funded Research Publicly Accessible

National Science Foundation LogoThe National Science Foundation (NSF) recently introduced a new data management plan to make research funded by NSF awards publicly accessible. Titled “Today’s Data, Tomorrow’s Discoveries,” the plan outlines requirements for funded articles in peer-reviewed publications, including:

NSF is presently engaging research communities on implementing the new plan; in the meantime its current plan will remain unaltered.

Added 4/1


Blogger Finds Poor Privacy Practices for Ranking STM Journals

Blogger Eric Hellman surveyed 20 top-ranked scientific and medical journals and found that 16 use trackers to collect browsing behavior which is then used by advertising networks. Hellman assigned grades to the journals depending on how publishers approach user privacy:

Hellman voices concern with how ad networks might use browsing information; for instance insurance companies could target users for premium hikes.

Added 4/8


Heliyon: A New, Innovative OA Journal Accepting Submissions

Heliyon is a new interdisciplinary Open Access journal published by Elsevier. Heliyon’s platform is community-driven, and is designed to evolve and improve based on researcher feedback. Features include:

Heliyon logoHeliyon’s homepage went live on March 31. For information on article submission, visit Heliyon’s guidelines page. For information on fees and licensing, visit the open access page.

Added 4/15


SciDetect Can Unmask Fake Scientific Papers

SciDetect, a new software program designed to detect fraudulent scientific papers was developed by Springer and Universite Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France. It was created after Springer discovered it had published 18 fake articles generated by SCIgen in February 2014. The program scans XML and PDF files and compares them with pre-existing bogus scientific papers to detect automatically generated text. Features include:Springer horse logo

A basic stand-alone version is available for free download.

Added 4/22

Top Features New Search Functionality, Exciting Upgrades

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) recently upgraded the search function for NPG also discontinued its saved search function as part of the upgrades, and has been alerting all users who have signed up for search alerts about the change. Enhancements include:

Nature Publishing Group logo

Added 4/28



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