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June 2016 - News Archive

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Ebsco STM Source Added to Databases Page

The Library has added Ebsco STM Source to its Databases page. It is available to NOAA & NTIA employees on the Boulder Campus. STM Source is a full-text database concentrated in science, technology, engineering, and medicine. Features include:

Full-text articles from STM Source are accessible via the Library’s WorldCat Discovery interface.

Added 6/1


TicTocs Now JournalTOCs with over 28k Titles

The current awareness service TicTocs has changed its name to JournalTOCs with a new URL. JournalTOCs allows researchers to set up alerts for the latest articles from over 28,000 journal titles. Additional features include:

JournalTOCs is available from the Library’s Current Awareness page.  

Added 6/8


Gephi Updates to Version 0.9.1

The open-source data-visualization tool Gephi has recently updated to version 0.9.1 to fix issues recently discovered with the 0.9.0 update, which was released in December 2015. Improvements in version 0.9.1 include:

Gephi was originally covered in the July 8, 2014 Library News.

Added 6/13


Research Data Alliance – Open Data Sharing through Collaboration

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) enables researchers to create and manage collaborative groups  directed towards  facilitating  open data sharing in all disciplines. To join, read the RDA Guiding Principles and create a login. Types of groups include:

So far RDA boasts over 4050 members worldwide.

Research Data Alliance logo

Added 6/22


BioOne Complete now with Over 190 Titles

BioOne now hosts over 190 titles under its full-text aggregation service, BioOne Complete. Subject areas include the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. Features include:BioOne logo

BioOne was originally featured in the June 1, 2005 Library News. It also publishes its own Open Access journal, Elementa, originally covered in the February 20, 2013 Library News.



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