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July 2007 - News Archive
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John's Retirement Photos!

John at his Retirement Party

John Welsh checked-out of the Library on June 1. After 30 years (and two weeks!) of exemplary and dedicated service at the Boulder Labs Library, John traded in his book bag for a golf bag. A reception was held on May 23rd to celebrate the end of his distinguished career.

Thank you John for everything you've done. We will truly miss you.

View the Photos from the Retirement Party

Added 7/12/07


Today's National Outlook

AIRNow ( provides air quality conditions, forecasts, and resources from hundreds of national data sources.

AIRNow is partnered with many state, local, federal and international organizations including: ESRL's Global Systems Division (GSD), NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. (See: Full List)

See also: Weather for Boulder/Denver and Atmospheric Science Subject Guide

Added 7/18/07

Eigenfactor - New Journal Ranking Site

Eigenfactor ( is a free non-commercial academic research project that ranks journals (compared to the ISI Journal Citation Report impact factor) for the natural and social sciences. "The Eigenfactor score of a journal is an estimate of the percentage of time that library users spend with that journal. The Eigenfactor algorithm corresponds to a simple model of research in which readers follow chains of citations as they move from journal to journal." (More)

Eigenfactor benefits:

Search by Journal name or Field. Results are ranked by Article Influence (AI): a measure of a journal's prestige based on per article citations and comparable to Impact Factor, or Eigenfactor (EF): A measure of the overall value provided by all of the articles published in a given journal in a year.


See also: Impact Factor Debate · Eigenfactor: Measuring the value and prestige of scholarly journals

Added 7/24/07

ChemxSeer - New Chemistry Database

ChemxSeer is an integrated digital library and database for documents in chemistry and data obtained from chemical kinetics. ChemxSeer is "the first publicly available search engine designed specifically for chemical formulae, can sort out when 'He' refers to helium and not a person more than nine times out of 10" ... "some chemical molecules can have more than one formula representation. As a result, if a person is searching for CH4 using a popular search engine and the article identifies the molecule as H4C, the article won't be included in the search results" (see news release)

See also: Chemistry Subject Guide

Added 7/30/07

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