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The library maintains a collection of books, journals, technical reports, compact discs, and standards. See Subject Guides for areas of research relevant to our collection, or Special Collections for subjects or resources of general interest.


An Acquisitions Committee, consisting of the professional library staff and scientists representing the major research areas, recommends and votes on items for the collection (over 45,000 titles). New Books are displayed in the Main and Branch libraries for one week. They may be reserved online or by signing the slips in the back book pocket.


Current subscriptions total over 580 titles with a current collection of 29,000 bound volumes. Shelf arrangement is alphabetical by title. The collection may be searched via the online Catalog. The library also subscribes to over 1000 full text E-Journals.

Technical Reports

The library collects a small number of government documents. All technical reports produced by the Boulder Laboratory research agencies are collected. Scientific publications from NOAA, NIST and NTIA are collected on a limited basis. The University of Colorado - Boulder is a Federal Depository Library. Our users may access CU's collection or we will provide interlibrary loan service for these materials.

Compact Discs

The library owns approximately 20 CD applications. Two computer workstations in the Main Library and one in the Branch Library are available for searching the discs.


Standards are not collected at the Boulder Labs Library. National Center for Standards and Certification Information (NCSCI) provides FREE standards to NIST employees only. The University of Colorado's Gemmill Engineering Library collects standards (See: CU Library Card Policy). Our library users may either purchase standards directly from the issuing body with their lab's funds or may contact CU to see if they own. We also provide catalogs and internet resources for many of the standards setting organizations. If you need help in identifying a standard or ordering information, contact one of the reference Staff.


See also: Subject Guides or Special Collections

General Information · Collection · Locations · Policy · Past Events · Weather

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