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Publication and Citation Data for ESI Special Topics

ESI Special Topics highlights current and emerging trends in specialized areas of research

ESI (Essential Science Indicators) analyzes research performance and ranks top countries, journals, scientists, institutions and companies by field of research, as well as trends and impacts in science. Data for each topic include citation rankings for scientists, institutions, nations, and journals. Most special topics also feature interviews and essays by prominent scientists in the area. New topics appear monthly.

Topics examples: RSS Feed

See also: David Parrish (NOAA/ESRL/CSD) answers a few questions about this month's fast breaking paper in the field of Geosciences

Added 9/6/07

Thomson Scientific Predicts Nobel laureates

Thomson Scientific, who also hosts Web of Science and Inspec, announced its picks of researchers likely to be in contention for the Nobel prize.

"Over the past 30 years, our studies have demonstrated a strong relationship between journal article citations and peer esteem. Researchers who have accumulated such credits from their peers are also often nominated for prizes and other honors, such as the Nobel Prize"

Every year, Thomson Scientific data quantitatively determines the most influential researchers in the Nobel categories of chemistry, economics, physiology or medicine and physics. Due to the total citations to their works, these high-impact researchers are named Thomson Scientific Laureates and predicted to be Nobel Prize winners, either this year or in the near future. Of the 54 Thomson Scientific Laureates named since 2002, four have won the Nobel.

Thomson Scientific Laureates usually rank among the top one-tenth of 1 percent (0.1%) of researchers in their fields, based on citations of their published papers over the past two decades.

2007 Nobel Prize winners will be announced in October

Added 9/12/07

Free Online Computer Reference Books

  1. O'Reilly's Bookshelf : Reference Library:

  2. O'Reilly Open Books - Out of print and other books with various forms of "open" copyright

  3. Computer Books - The author / publisher has generously allowed these books to be available for free online

  4. Free Tech Books - Online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes RSS Feed

  5. Books24x7 (subscription provided by Boulder Labs Library) contains full text access to over 3000 computer science books and reference in the areas of: Business & Culture, Databases, Desktop & Office Applications, Enterprise Computing, Graphic Design, IBM Redbooks, Networks & Protocols, Operating Systems, Programming, Telecommunications, and Web Development.

Added 9/19/07

Google Maps: Science Resources

Google Mapplet Example

Google Maps is usually the first and one of the best choices for directions, businesses, location distances, and satellite imagery. Now that Google Maps has released their API (Application Programming Interface) to the public for free, programmers and enthusiastic coding amateurs can embed Google Maps into web pages by creating mapplets (or mini-applications / Google Gadgets for "My Maps"), or creating mashups, customized for their own web sites and needs. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these mapplets and mashups exist.

Books & Resources For Making
Google Maps Mashups / Mapplets

Scientific Mashups

Scientific Mapplets (add to My Maps)

See article: Jones, M.T., 2007: Google's Geospatial Organizing Principle. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, July: 8-13.

Added 9/25/07

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