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November 2007 - News Archive
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Nature: Network & Preceedings

Nature Magazine has two new free sites to help researchers to share work and collaborate with peers:

More valuable resources can be found in our Subject Guides

Added 11/7/07

Latest in Patent Searching

Searching for patents and their application status used to be difficult and not always free for the public. Here are two new free full text patent database sites to help find what you need.

More patent resources can be found via Internet Resources

Added 11/14/07

Science Guides From The Library of Congress

Science Tracer Bullet Series logo

The Library of Congress Research Center Science Tracer Bullet Series are research guides that help you locate information on science and technology subjects. With brief introductions to the topics, lists of resources and strategies for finding more, they help you to stay 'on target.'". Each guide lists texts, journals, conferences, biographies, subject headings, databases, reviews, and additional sources of information.

Browse by: Title or Keyword

Guide Examples:

Your Library also maintains Subject Guides based on Boulder Labs research.

Added 11/20/07

Scientists Helping Science

Open Access, Open Source, Open Choice - all of these statements ring to a sound similar: free. In the most basic sense, scientists are helping science, researchers and academics providing their work to forward progress by removing price and permission barriers. This, in my opinion, is what drives scientists and researchers to do what they do - it's our duty to understand the laws of nature and share that knowledge. With rising publication costs and declining budgets, below are some newer resources to educate and offer options for authors (usually for a fee).

Open Access

Open Source

Open Choice Options for Authors

More on Open Access, including Journal Lists

Of Special Note: Citation Statistics From More Than a Century of Physical Review - from the abstract: "We study the statistics of citations from all Physical Review journals for the 110-year period 1893 until 2003. In addition to characterizing the citation distribution and identifying publications with the highest citation impact, we investigate how citations evolve with time."

Added 11/28/07

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