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February 2008 - News Archive
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Vote on Journals to Add - Sample Issues on Display

Location of Journals

The library periodically receives journal sample issues for evaluation. We encourage our users to consider whether these journals would be a good addition to the library collection based on Boulder Labs research. These journals are displayed at both the Main and Branch libraries, right next to the New Books (see photo). Please stop by or view the links below and email us with your thoughts.

Added 2/8/08

Climate Change in the Media: Information and Disinformation

"Unfortunately, gaps in understanding among scientists, policy makers, journalists and the public permeate nearly all aspects of the issue and constitute a major barrier to the adoption of well-informed responses to the threats posed by climate change."

Source: ClimatePolicy

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) is "the only U.S. based membership organization of working journalists dedicated to improvements in environmental reporting." SEJ developed a special reporters' online resource guide: Climate Change: A Guide to the Information and Disinformation.

ClimatePolicy, created by the American Meteorological Society, discusses "topics that span scientific understanding, impact assessment, policy analysis, and the value judgments that shape people's policy preferences."

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See also: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Summary for Policy Makers (PDF)

Added 2/14/08

NTIS Improves Database for Government Documents

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) is the largest central resource to maintain and disseminate scientific, technical, engineering, and business-related information produced for and by U.S. government agencies.

The NTIS database ( contains over 3 million items including audiovisual materials, data, and software.

Over 1,000 items are added weekly. The database was recently extended back to 1964. In addition, the search has been enhanced to refine by categories, collections, and source agencies.

See also: NTIS FAQ, Technical Reports, Federal Publications

Added 2/22/08

New Remote Sensing and Mapping Resources

Iguazu, Argentina - Terra ASTER
Continental Shelf Visualization

See also: Earth & Environmental Sciences Resources

Added 2/26/08

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