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Say Hello to Aric - The Library's New Reference & Outreach Librarian!

Favorite Library Resource

Browsing journals (especially older volumes) to discover fascinating research tidbits

Photo of Aric Villarreal

As with most of us in the field, Aric Villarreal never intended to become a librarian. Growing up in southern California, he joined the US Marines in 1992, and was stationed in both Hawaii and Japan working as a radio operator and as a marksmanship instructor. Afterwards he attended Cal State-Fullerton where he received a B.A. in Philosophy (minor in History). Graduate school led him to University of Arizona - Tucson where he completed his first M.A. in Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies in 2007.

Aric always believed that his career would guide him to academia due to his appreciation of reading and studies, but he wasn't enthusiastic about teaching full-time. Librarianship seemed like a perfect union between academia and public service. A scholarship opportunity emerged and Aric was granted a full ride to Library School where he received his second M.A. in Library and Information Sciences.

Aric's Suggested Sites

While in Tucson Aric was employed by the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) as their sole librarian. He was tasked with the challenging assignment to completely reorganize their library, as well as making the collection more accessible and searchable for scientists. He also published a more usable map catalog that included extensive metadata. Aric also participated in an internship at the Veterans Affairs Library answering health-related reference questions and filling interlibrary loan requests.

A dedicated musician, Aric owns both classical and electric guitars. He possesses three Gibsons and would be glad to provide the details - just ask. Aric is also an avid movie watcher, and likes to read a variety of newspapers and books on history, and political / social theory. His claim to fame is winning the 1995 Kaneohe-Bay Jalapeño-Eating Contest in Hawaii. Aric has also climbed Mt. Fuji and Mauna Kea. He and his incredibly charming wife Angela just moved to the Boulder area from Arizona, so please welcome him.

Added 1/7/09

nanoHUB: Simulation, Education and Community for Nanotechnology - online simulation and more

nanoHUB (, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is a powerful resource for nanoscience and technology.

Research areas include: Nanoelectronics, NEMS/Nanofluidics, Nano-Bio Devices, and Nanophotonics

nanoHUB is divided into 4 Areas:

  1. Tools / Online Simulation - in-browser applet tools
  2. Research - browse Seminars and Workshops, Collaborate, and User Groups
  3. Teach & Learn - redefine engineering education
  4. Contribute - share your work

nanoHUB has been cited over 260 times in scientific literature, and hundred of Resources are provided and ranked by professional contributors and users.

Be sure to Register to get the most out of this free resource.

Added 1/14/09

Physical Review Focus - Hot Stories on Cutting Edge Physics

Hot Stories on Cutting Edge Physics

Physical Review Focus ( RSS Feed Available is a free service of the American Physical Society (APS). Selected physics research published in Physical Review (PR) and Physical Review Letters (PRL) are highlighted, including videos.

The site also provides an archive of links to Physics News Update stories from the American Institute of Physics that cover papers from APS journals.

Story Highlights

Landmarks: Laser Cooling of Atoms

"In the 1970s and 80s, researchers developed techniques for cooling atoms to very low temperatures using laser light. The work led to improvements in atomic clocks and the observation of a new ultracold state of matter."... more

Quantum Blurring

"A coral reef looks a bit blurry to a scuba diver, in part because of light bouncing off of the water's continual density fluctuations, which come from random motions of the warm water molecules. But some of the blurring comes from a constant quantum jiggling of molecules that occurs even close to absolute zero temperature. "... more

Added 1/21/09

MATLAB Books Available


Library Books Available At Main

Online Reference / Help

Online via Books24x7

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Added 1/28/09

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