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April 2009 - News Archive
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Journal Use Study - Please Don't Reshelve!

Stack of library materials

Please Don't Reshelve Those Journals!

Journal Use Study
April 1 - September 30

The library is conducting a journal use study from April 1 through September 30 for both the Main and Branch locations.

When in the library, please *do not* return journals to the shelves, as we will be counting them. If you use a journal that is not on the shelf (one that was probably used recently) please let us know so we can accurately record the usage in our statistics.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Added 4/1/09

Library User of the Month - Ranko Heindl

Photo of Ranko Heindl

"I was always good at math and physics. It just gradually evolved into physics. It very well could have instead turned out for me to be an electrical engineer or material scientist or something similar."

Like many professional researchers, Ranko grew up with a budding interest in scientific topics. It was not a given, however, and like many others in his position, his current line of work came about from a few choices he made along the way, including studying in the United States.

Works For: NIST, Electromagnetics Division-Magnetics Group

Hometown: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Education: Early part of B.S. in Germany, 2nd part at University of South Florida, Tampa, Physics, 2000. PhD. Applied Physics, University of South Florida, Tampa, 2006.

Activities: "Everything a little bit-hiking, mountain biking, skiing."

Favorite Fiction Author: Edgar Allen Poe

Ranko is currently a 2nd-year post-doc at NIST conducting research in spintronic devices and magnetic sensors. His work in the laboratory involves growing and characterizing materials and their physical properties to use for future spintronic development and image sensors. He points out that the different techniques used to grow thin film materials include magnetic spattering and ion-beam deposition.

About the Library: "When I came here, we didn't have subscriptions to common journals that I used to read, but ILL is fast so I was very satisfied."

Find out about Ranko including his education, research, publications and his thoughts on libraries: a special Library User of the Month display is located at the Main Library, so check it out!

Added 4/15/09

Math Is Your Friend - Don't Fear The Rhomboid

Find X cartoon
"The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful."
- Aristotle

My high school AP Calculus teacher, Dr. Pappas, used to say that math is the most important skill one can acquire because every job applies some form of math. Despite our class's constant eye-rolling, he would kindly suggest that it would be in our best interest to at least minor in Mathematics, "You'll always be able to land a job with a math education". All I wanted to do was score well enough to place OUT of some math in college.

I sometimes think of Dr. Pappas when I'm trying to calculate simple math in my head. He was right. Everyone can use more math. Everone can use more pi(e) too: piei * pi = 1 / pi which is much less pie than I'd like.

At The Library

Fun Math

Not Quite As Fun

Added 4/22/09

"S" is for Spring and... Severe Weather

What's Happening Now

Severe Watches/Warnings

Spring is, for some softer souls, about budding bulbs, frisky squirrels and visions of warm days ahead. For others who live in the Plains, and those who have waited months with nary any tropospheric excitement, spring is really about Severe Weather.

Need More Info?

For those that would rather not risk a face-to-face tornado encounter can become a volunteer NWS trained weather spotter. It's free, it's fun, and you don't need a meteorological background.

Also check out the Weather for Denver/Boulder.

Added 4/29/09

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