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Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

As researchers heavily involved in fine-tuned subject areas, it's sometimes behooves you to learn something new. Below are three ways to find out about other science topics.

For example, maybe you need a refresher on Wind Chill. Or do you know about the physics of sandcastles or the origins of Hoodoos?

Science File
Listed as the internet's "most comprehensive science reference website" it includes Book Reviews, Science News Feeds, Articles, Forums, Events and more. Members can also submit book reviews, add items to the science events calendar and submit sites to the directory.
Deep Web federated searching that includes blogs, wikis and more. Over 300 authoritative science and technology collections, including, e-print network, can be searched simultaneously
contains high-quality, enjoyable, science education. The site includes "fascinating and engaging science facts daily and brings a focused approach to online learning. We've avoided trying to be an all-inclusive web portal and bring you a focused and targeted learning environment."

Added 5/6/09

Quick Chemical Searches

Flasks Added 5/20/09

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