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Welcome Back F.T. Bronzan - Our New Interlibrary Loan Technician!

Photograph of F.T. BronzanF.T. Bronzan has joined the staff in the Interlibrary Loan Technician position that Linda Jarriel previously held. As some of you will remember, F.T. previously worked in our library as an administrative assistant and also performed interlibrary loan duties during that time. We are very happy to finally have this position filled after two years. Please welcome F.T. back to the library!





Added 11/2/09


NIST's Nathan Newbury Finalist for Award

Nate Newbury, a PhD physicist at NIST’s Optoelectronics division in Boulder, is one of six finalists for Test & Measuement World's 2010 Test Engineer of the Year. Newbury, of NIST's Optoelectronics Division, is leading a project to develop a rangefinder that can locate multiple objects with pin-point, nano-meter precision at ranges up to 100km (62mi.).

Newbury's published work makes for a long list, but his more recent contributions include:

High-performance, vibration-immune, fiber-laser frequency comb. Optics Letters, V.34 No.5 (2009), 638-640.

Recent atomic clock comparisons at NIST. European Physical Journal-Special Topics, V.163 (2008), 19-35.

High-stability transfer of an optical frequency over long fiber-optic links. Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics. V.25, No.8 (2008), 1284-1293.

Toward a low-jitter 10 GHz pulsed source with an optical frequency comb generator. Optics Express, V.16, No.12 (2008), 8498-8508.

Coherent multiheterodyne spectroscopy using stabilized optical frequency combs. Physical Review Letters, V.100, No.1 (2008). Article Number: 013902.

Abstracts (and in many cases, full-text versions) of these and more of Newbury's publications can be accessed through Web of Science on the Boulder Labs Library's Databases page.

To vote, visit The winner of the 2010 Test Engineer of the Year award will be announced April 2010.

Added 11/6/09


The Boulder Labs Library Presents: Ken Kroenlein

Born: Scarsdale, N.Y.

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Princeton, 2001. Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Princeton, 2007.

Book: “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer

Hobbies: Pop culture trivia, indoor soccer.

Kroenlein is in charge of a development effort to consolidate a national database tracking the thermophysical and crystallographic properties of clathrate hydrates of natural gas (“gas-hydrates,” for short).  A clathrate hydrate is a crystalline solid composed of a hydrogen-bonded network of water molecules which form cages around small molecules such as methane. In subsea natural gas pipelines, the mixture of sea water and small molecules at low temperature and high pressure can form solid plugs hundreds of feet long and that can keep a well off-line for months waiting for the plug to decompose. Ken Kroenlein, Ph.D.

About the Library
“A primary aspect of the project is getting my hands on every piece of literature on this topic...It’s what I like about you guys—without all the hard searching you do, I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Find out about Ken--including his education, research, publications and his thoughts on libraries. A special Library User display is located at the Main Library, so check it out!




Added 11/12/09

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