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August 2010 - News Archive

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IEEE-WILEY E-Books Now Available Sitewide

IEEE Xplore logoThe Boulder Labs Library, in partnership with the NIST Gaithersburg Library, has purchased the IEEE-Wiley Ebooks Library available via IEEE Xplore. This collection provides instant online access to hundreds of technical titles in such areas as: Bioengineering, Electromagnetics, Geosciences, Photonics, and Signal Processing. Recently published blurb

Features Include: 

In addition to being available via IEEE Xplore, the IEEE-Wiley Ebooks Library can be accessed directly from our e-books page, listed under "Texts / Online Repositories."







Added 8/10


Two New Journals Added!

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new journals, Geology and Nanotoxicology. Geology is available both online and in print at our Branch Library. It is published by the Geological Society of America (GSA), who also publish the Geological Society of America Bulletin and Geosphere. Nanotoxicology is published quarterly by Informa Healthcare, and features research on health with regard to exposure to nanomaterials and nanomedicines. Nanotoxicology has no RSS feed, though email alerts are available.

Front cover of latest issue of GeologyFront cover of Nanotoxicology journal
Print Available at Branch LibraryGeology RSSAdded 7/28/10
V. 1 (1973) - Present
Available at Main Library NanotoxicologyAdded 8/10/2010
V. 1 (2007) – present





Added 8/17


BAMS State of the Climate Report Now Available Online

World maps showing yearly mean sea surface anomaliesThe NOAA National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) just posted its annual assessment of world climate titled State of the Climate Report for 2009, which also appeared in the June 2010 issue (Vol. 91) of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS). The Boulder Labs Library added a link to the NCDC website which contains the current report and past reports dating back to 1990. It is available from the E-Books page under the "Texts/Online Repositories" section. The print version is available at the Branch Library, next to the latest regular issue of BAMS.


Added 8/24


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