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August 2005 - News Archive
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Map Hacks & Tools

What's A Map Hack?

Map hacks are customizable maps that can be created by anyone. Google, Yahoo! and MSN provide their mapping APIs, or application programming interfaces, to developers who want to visually display data. There are sites (, Engadget) that provide instructions on how to make your own map hack.

Here are sample map hacks:

Information / Collections on Map Hacks

Mapping Tools

Mapping tools provide more than street maps. Now use these resources for driving directions, finding businesses and residences, pinpointing landmarks, viewing satellite imagery and many homegrown tools (map hacking: see left).

Added 8/31/05

What's Up With The Weather?

From "In What's Up with the Weather? NOVA and FRONTLINE join forces to investigate the science and politics of one of the most controversial issues of the 21st century: the truth about global warming."

"The overwhelming majority of scientists agree: earth's temperature has risen during the past century. But is it due to [hu]man's use of fossil fuel energy? And if so, how can we prevent the catastrophic results that some scientists predict if global warming continues?"

From NASW Science in Society Journalism Awards: "The show first aired on WGBH-TV in Boston on April 18, 2000. Palfreman [producer/director] refused to paint global warming, arguably the most contentious global-scale science issue of our day, as a black and white problem. The show leads viewers step by step through the evidence to the key take-home points:

See also: What's Up With the Weather? (2000) Video (Video Details) and Transcript PDF

Added 8/23/05

ILLiad Password Hint - New!

ILLiad, the Library's Document Request system, has a new feature to help you remember your password.

Create your ILLiad Password Hint:

  1. Login to ILLiad
  2. Click on Review Personal Information
  3. Click on Change Password
  4. Complete password fields:
    • To keep your current password, enter it in the first three fields
    • To change your password, enter the current and new password into the first three fields
  5. Enter password hint (up to 20 characters)
  6. Save changes
  7. Your password hint will now display on the login page if you enter an incorrect password

Note: for security purposes DO NOT use your password as the hint. Use a hint that suggests the password.
For example, if your password is "Saturn", your password hint could be "planet" or "car". Or, you could use "Sat" as a lead in to the complete password.

If you still don't remember your password (or you've forgotten your username), call x5570 to reset it.

Login to ILLiad

More about Document Requests

Added 8/17/05

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