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August 2007 - News Archive
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Nature Reports: Climate Change

"An online resource from Nature Publishing Group, Nature Reports: Climate Change covers the news behind the science and the science behind the news of global climate change, arguably the most far-reaching challenge of this century. The site is dedicated to authoritative in-depth reporting on climate change and its wider implications for policy, society and the economy."

Current Issue including: Not as pure as snow: Wind-blown dust from the Southwest US is shortening seasonal snow cover in Colorado's ski resorts

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Added 8/8/07

New Library Director - Dottie Anderson!

Photo of Dottie

We are thrilled to announce that Dottie Anderson has become the Library's new Director. Formerly the Public Services Team Lead who joined our staff in March, Dottie envisions more resources, especially journals, to become available online and supplement our already large collection (see: E-Journals).

Dottie spent the past 13 years at NOAA Central Library in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she was the Reference Team Lead. Dottie was also in charge of NOAA's CoRIS (Coral Reef Information System) Virtual Library and co-lead on developing the Ocean Exploration Video Data Management System (VDMS), as well as being involved with the NOAA-wide Institutional Repository pilot project.

Earning her Masters Degree in Library Science from the Catholic University of America and a Bachelors Degree from the Ohio State University, Dottie is skilled in many areas including: engineering and science reference at the Air Force Institute of Technology (Dayton, Ohio), legal reference at the Covington & Burling law firm (D.C.), and general reference at the Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library (Dayton, Ohio). Dottie is also a member of Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI), and has experience with EndNote, ProCite and Reference Manager (details/downloads).

Outside of work, Dottie enjoys spending time with her husband, three grown children, and her four grandchildren (two of which live in Denver). Their favorite place to visit is at a beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware. She also enjoys reading historical fiction and mysteries. Having grown up and mainly lived around the Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast, she is now looking forward to exploring the Rocky Mountains and our wild weather.

Please stop by the Main Library to congratulate Dottie.

Added 8/15/07

Free Standards & Assistance: NCSCI

National Center for Standards and Certification Information (NCSCI) provides FREE standards to U.S. Government employees (including NIST, NTIA and NOAA), as well as research assistance to businesses, the academic community and the public. They are considered the principal source for standards-related assistance, information, and knowledge.

NCSCI standards collection includes online resources, databases and print publications from these groups:

NCSCI also conducts expert research services on standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment. Questions they receive include: "Are there standards for specifying the environmental conditions for 'clean' rooms?" and "What is the test for cold cracking temperature for polypropylene?"

Contact NCSCI: Online Request

Added 8/21/07

ASLI's Choice Award - Vote Now for the Best Book of 2007

What is your favorite atmospheric science book of 2007?

Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) is seeking your nominations for the best book of 2007. They are going to present ASLI's Choice Award for the best book of 2007 in the fields of meteorology / climatology / atmospheric sciences in New Orleans during the 2008 88th American Meteorological Society conference.

Books will be judged on nine criteria:

To qualify, the book must have a 2007 copyright date and be in any format and at any reading level: college, research, general audience, children's, or reference. Any language is accepted.

Readers are invited to nominate their choice online by November 1, 2007 at: Nominate as many works as you wish, but please complete a separate entry for each item.

Winner(s) will be posted to the ASLI website following the announcement in January 2008 in New Orleans.

Added 8/29/07

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