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January 2007 - News Archive
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Library User of the Month: Andrew Dienstfrey

Photo of Andrew Dienstfrey

A Berkeley, California native, Andrew Dienstfrey, part of the Mathematical Modeling Group in NIST's Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, has been part of the Boulder Labs since 2000.

Prior to coming to NIST Dienstfrey worked for NASA Ames Research Center performing data analysis in support of solar radiation balance and global warming research. He also worked at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) where he developed computational models to investigate predictions of a new theory of turbulence developed by GISS investigators. From 1998 to 2000 he was a post-doctoral scientist at the Courant Institute investigating methods for remote sensing of dielectric properties of superconducting thin films.

Did you know?

Andrew likes to read anything by Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison...

His research interests include:

Find out about Andrew including his education, research, publications and his thoughts on libraries: a special Library User of the Month display is located at the Main Library, so check it out!

If you'd like to be (or nominate) a future Library User of the Month, contact Heather McCullough. Past honorees can be viewed at the Main Library front desk.

Added 1/3/07


ScienceWorld (, managed by hard working Eric Weisstein, "is written and maintained as a public service for scientific knowledge and education. Although it is often difficult to find explanations for technical subjects that are both clear and accessible, this web site bridges the gap by placing an interlinked framework of mathematical exposition and illustrative examples at the fingertips of every internet user."

ScienceWorld contains updated encyclopedias and online resources in these subjects

See also: Be A Contributor

Added 1/10/07

MGA Training on January 22nd

Major MGA Subject Areas

Coverage: 1974 - present (varies by journal, see: Journal / Coverage List)

Find the information you need from the #1 source for Meteorological and Geoastrophysical literature!

Two training/demo questions & answer sessions for the Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA) citation database will be held:

MGA contains summaries from over 600 journal titles, as well as conference proceedings, books, technical reports and other monographs, are included.

MGA is produced by the American Meteorological Society and is published by CSA.

Both novice and experienced users are encouraged to join us on Jan. 22nd to learn how to get the most out of the MGA service.

If you would like an email reminder on the day of training, please contact / x5565.

Fact Sheet / Guide (pdf) · Quick Search Tutorial · Advanced Search Tutorial

Connect to MGA

Added 1/16/07

Missing In Action: Library Books

These books are missing from the Library and are needed for other researchers. If you have any of these items please return them immediately.

Added 1/23/07

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