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Factors affecting science communication: a survey of scientists and engineers

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The U.K. Royal Society (Science in Society programme), Research Councils UK and the Wellcome Trust funded a study to examine the factors affecting science communication: Factors affecting science communication: a survey of scientists and engineers.

"A 'research driven' culture in British universities is a key barrier to scientists communicating their work with the public according to a major study."

Aims of the Study:

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The study involved a web survey of 1,485 research scientists in higher education institutions and 41 more detailed interviews with a cross section of respondents and other key players within science policy and science communication, including social scientists, senior managers, funders and science communicators.

Added 7/5/06
Top - Spectroscopy and Spectrometry Portal - On Your Wavelength

Free spectroscopy portal that fulfils the information needs of ALL spectroscopists

", a Community of Interest website, has become the definitive spectroscopy resource on the internet, offering a wealth of valuable information, resources and services."

What techniques does it cover?

Why Visit?

Added 7/13/06

Search More Effectively with Google - Tricks & Tips

We all search using Google, so here's a few operators you may not know about and will help you find what you need. The following was adapted from:

More Great Googles

Enter: Finds:
spectrum frequency the words spectrum AND frequency
typhoon OR hurricane either the word typhoon OR the word hurricane
typhoon | hurricane either the word typhoon OR the word hurricane
"Bose-Einstein condensation" the PHRASE Bose-Einstein condensation
virus computer the word virus but NOT the word computer
Star Wars Episode + I movie title, including the ROMAN NUMERAL I
~measurement measurement and its SYNONYMS: units, conversion, etc.
define:computer DEFINITIONS of the word computer from around the Internet.
thin * film the words thin and film SEPARATED BY ONE OR MORE WORDS
physics Limit to a specific WEB SITE (site:)
(Search the MIT site for physics info)
radio spectrum 30174 MHz NUMBER RANGE (...)
(Search for radio spectrum between 30 and 174 MHz)
inurl: library PAGE URL (inurl:)
(Find sites that have library in the URL)
filetype: pdf Limit to a specific FILE TYPE (filetype:)
(Find pdf files)
Added 7/19/06

ILLiad URL to Change 8/7

ILLiad will migrate to a new server / URL during the first weekend in August (5-6).

During this time, you may experience difficulty logging in or requesting documents. The new ILLiad URL / web location will be available Monday morning (8/7) from our home page at: (please update your bookmarks).

Email with questions.

Added 7/26/06

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