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September 2005 - News Archive
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Satellite Imagery: Hurricane Katrina's Wake

NOAA Photo


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Added 9/7/05

Materials Information Gateway


Materials Connections, from the Materials Research Society (MRS), is "Your Source For Materials Research Information".

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Added 9/20/05

FEMA Photo Library Improves

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Photo Library: "Editors, researchers, and the general public can now access an online collection of more than 9,200 images in the FEMA photo library. The photo library contains thumbnail and high-resolution images of natural disasters and terrorist events taken by FEMA's staff of disaster field photographers. The library also consists of images of FEMA's disaster response and recovery mission."

Browse or search by keyword, date range, place, photographer, and disaster type:

As with most government documents, the majority of these photographs are in the public domain. They can be downloaded, reproduced and distributed for educational and informational purposes. Copyrighted photographs are marked with a copyright symbol and color coded, and permission should be obtained to use them.

See: FEMA Photo Library Press Release

See also: NOAA Photo Library · U.S. Government Graphics and Photos

Added 9/27/05

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