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Special Collections

Click on the following curated collections to view books and ebooks in our catalog:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: With these books, the library supports NOAA’s diversity and inclusion vision: an inclusive environment in which the Agency leverages diversity to achieve mission goals and business objectives and maximizes the potential of individuals in the organization.
  • Data Science
  • Bibliometrics: All
  • Python Programming: Python programming eBooks held by Boulder Labs Library & published between 2018-2019.
  • Business Meetings: Do you need guidance on how to run a business meeting? Check out the titles below or see what other book offerings are available below in our Catalog. The library also offers a Meeting and Study Space for you to hold meetings; check out more information about the space or make your reservations on our website.
  • Self Improvement: Need to counteract the stress of heavy traffic, your job, or just life in general? Take advantage of these eBooks and print books as a great way to relax and learn something new! Additional eBooks and audiobooks are also available at local libraries or on audio cassette from BLL; contact the library for more details.
  • Presentation & Visualization Skills: Are you sharing your research or work verbally, graphically, or in writing? The library has hundreds of resources to help you--this list is just to get you started. Please ask any library staff member to help you find a specific resource you need.
  • Relationship, Leadership, & Management Skills: You don't have to be a leader for these books. This collection has a variety of books with skills for every level of leadership and for those that want to improve relationships with their coworkers—some of which you might already have learned but need reminding of, and others that can spur challenges and opportunities to grow. These books are available in print or as eBooks to match how you best learn. Additional eBooks and audiobooks are also available at local libraries or on audio cassette from BLL; contact the library for more details.
  • Office Computer Skills: Want to increase your proficiency or do something new with common office software? Check out this selection of books and ebooks in the library's collection. Due to their ephemeral nature, computer books are usually obtained as ebooks. To make a recommendation for a computer book, go to https://library.bldrdoc.gov/book-recommendation/.
  • Learn a Language: Do you encounter sources throughout the course of your research that are in a language with which you are not familiar? Or, do you always just seek to expand your horizons culturally or intellectually?
  • 3D Printing