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Library News: Early Closing on December 20th

Holiday Closing Hours

The Boulder Labs Library will be closing at 3:30 PM on December 20th. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. On December 21st, we will return to our normal hours, 8 AM - 4:30 PM.

Added 12/13


Research Resource: HeinOnline Email Alerts

HeinOnline now has the capability for users to set up email alerts for similar articles written by a specific author. This new feature is a part of HeinOnline’s new machine learning and natural language processing tools. Researchers can set up email alerts for a specific author and get monthly article updates sent straight to their inbox. For more information, please visit HeinOnline’s BlogOutside Link.

Added 12/11


Library News: Library Winter Webinars

Boulder Labs Library is proud to present two webinars for our library patrons. This month we are offering webinars on Web of Science and Researcher ID.

Advanced Searching in Web of Science Core Collection

January 09, 2018 @ 10AM

Web of Science Core Collection is a multidisciplinary citation index that supports research discovery. This session will cover advanced search tips to help you find journal articles and conference papers relevant to your research. We will cover:

Researcher ID

January 11, 2018 @ 10AM

ResearcherID is a free profiling tool that helps researchers manage their publication identity. Learn how to register for a unique identifier and build your publication lists, track your times cited counts and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author misidentification.

Added 12/04


Research Resource: CSL Citation Styles

Screenshot of CSL Citation Styles Citation styles can widely differ from journal to journal. CSL Citation Styles is a great resource for researchers creating bibliographies who need to look up a citation style. From the popular and more well-known citation styles to the uncommon citation styles, this open source tool allows researchers to search for citation styles by name and by example.

For more information, Nature Journal posted a blog on Nature Jobs reviewing CSL Citations Styles hereOutside Link.

You can also check out CSL Citation Styles online and try it out for yourself hereOutside Link.

Added 11/27


Research Resource: How to Link Boulder Labs Library to Google Scholar

Google Scholar Did you know that there is a way to add Boulder Labs Library (and other libraries) to your Google Scholar search? Once linked, Google Scholar will let you know if Boulder Labs Library owns a full-text version of the article that you are looking for. Linking Boulder Labs Library to your Google Scholar account is easy, all you have to do is go to the Google Scholar Menu> Settings> Library Links and search “Boulder Labs Library” in the search bar. Once the search icon is clicked, this will automatically add our library to your Google Scholar search.

For more in-depth directions, please go to this link here.

Added 11/20


Research Resource: Ebook Central Updates

eBook Central

ProQuest has recently announced some exciting changes to Ebook Central. These new changes will allow users to find information in the book detail pages with easier access to the table of contents. Users can easily search for terms at the chapter-level, where information can be found within the page-level of the book. Additionally, downloaded resources can easily be organized through the newly added selection of naming conventions.

For more information about the new Ebook Central updates, please visit the ProQuest Press ReleaseOutside Link.

To see how the new updates for yourself, please visit Ebook CentralOutside Link.

Added 11/13


Library News: Usability Survey

computer The Boulder Labs Library is in the process of updating our website to support your information needs. We are requesting your participation in a short usability survey. This survey will help the Boulder Labs Library team in the web development process. The usability survey can be accessed hereOutside Link.

If you have any questions about the usability survey or want to learn more about the new upcoming website, please contact our Technology Services Librarian, Aurelia.

Added 11/06


Research Resource: Unpaywall


Unpaywall is a browser add-on for Google ChromeOutside Link and Mozilla FirefoxOutside Link that searches for full text open access versions of articles. Unpaywall does this by utilizing oaDOI apiOutside Link which searches over 90 million indexed open access full text versions, and also ensures that the articles found abide by copyright compliance.

Using Unpaywall is easy, all a user has to do is download the Unpaywall add-on for their browser (available for Google ChromeOutside Link and Mozilla FirefoxOutside Link). Unpaywall does not change how users would normally conduct research (through the library catalog, web of science, Google Scholar, etc.). The only change occurs once a user gets to the article summary page, where a little lock icon will appear on the right side of the summary screen. This lock icon is color-coded and tells the researcher if the article is:

The lock icon acts as a link to the article and when clicked, directs users to the full text article. You can find more information on Unpaywall hereOutside Link.

Added 10/30


Research Resource: Research Impact Metrics

Elsevier Research impact metrics can help researchers:

But where do you start, and how? Elsevier has created an infographicOutside Link to help researchers understand what different impact metrics measure and how they can be used. This can be a helpful starting place for researchers who want to find ways that they can incorporate research impact metrics into their research portfolio and more. Additionally, if you are looking for more ways to track these metrics, the librarians at the Boulder Labs Library can help you find ways to get the research impact metrics that you are looking for.

Added 10/23


Reference Resource: Web of Science Google Chrome Extension

Web of Science Logo Clarivate Analytics new Web of Science Google Chrome extension allows users to directly search the topic, article, or citation that they are looking for directly from their browser. This new extension will simplify the process of searching Web of Science by integrating it into your daily browser activity.

Please go to the following link to access the Google Chrome extensionOutside Link. For directions on how to download the Web of Science Google Chrome Extension, please go to this link.

If you have any questions about the add-on, or if you have any comments. Please contact the Boulder Labs Library staff and we can connect you with a librarian who can help you out.

Added 10/16


Database News: LexisNexis New Features

LexisNexis has released some useful updates to the search experience for its users:

LexisNexis has a new feature where users can now easily search negative news sources for both personal and business news through their easily accessible new post-search filters. Prior to this improvement, users would have to go through a multi-step process to filter news searches to find information on negative news. For more information on how this new feature, please visit their user guide on how to use the negative news post-search filterOutside Link.

Additionally, LexisNexis has recently added the capability for individuals to receive information on combined news sources such as U.S. news, major world and U.S. news, magazines and journals, and much more. Through the combined news source feature, individuals can search multiple sources creating a more streamlined search experience for all users. For more information about the combined news source search functionality, please visit their user guide on how to search combined news sourcesOutside Link.

Added 10/10


New Librarian: Welcome, Aurelia!

Boulder Labs Library is excited to introduce our newest Technology Services librarian, Aurelia.

Aurelia (she/her/hers) grew up in Colorado. She received a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Seattle Pacific UniversityOutside Link and received her MLIS with a focus in Information Technology from the University of Denver Outside Link in June of 2017. While in graduate school, Aurelia researched information seeking behaviors of different user groups. Before coming to the Boulder Labs Library, Aurelia worked as an Intercultural Librarian at Arapahoe Library DistrictOutside Link.

Aurelia enjoys researching usability, technology, computer informatics and HCI, and the digital divide. Outside of the library, you can find Aurelia drinking coffee, hiking, bouldering, or researching information seeking behaviors.

Feel free to stop by and say "hi" to Aurelia. She will be taking care of our library website redesign, and would enjoy having participants for upcoming usability tests. Additionally, if you have any website questions or comments, please make sure to direct all inquries her direction.

Aurelia can be contacted at 303.497.3003 and at

Added 10/04


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