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Document Request

Document request/delivery is a service of the Boulder Labs Library that provides copies of journal/conference articles and book chapters, plus loans of books and other material from the Boulder Labs Library. You can contact Library staff at either BoulderLabs.ILL@noaa.gov. Click the button below to start your document request. Registration is required for first time users.

Need an Article or Book Chapter Copy from the Library?

Library staff will provide a PDF of an article or book chapter from the Library's collection and send an email notifying you when it is available for download.

Submit a request online. Most requests are processed within one work day after submission.

Need a Document, Book, or Report from the Library?

Save time and a trip! You can request the transfer of a book or report from any of the three library locations. For example, if you work in the DSRC building and need a book from the Main Library, email us and we'll deliver the book to the Branch Library within one work day. Or, request a hold on the item using your library account.

It will remain on hold for one week. You can also return a book or a report to either the Main or Branch Library.

Need an Item Not Held by the Library?

Request an item not available in Boulder Labs Library. A copy of an article or book chapter may take from one hour to a couple of days to receive. A book, or other returnable item can take from two to five work days to receive. You will be notified via email when the item is available for pickup or download.