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Library Liaison Program

The library liaison program facilitates communication between the scientific labs belonging to the DoC Boulder campus and the Boulder Labs Library. The library liaisons work collaboratively with researchers and labs to support their information needs. Services include:

Reference Inquiries & Research Analysis

Your library liaison offers in-depth reference services including publication/citation analysis, patent and market research, and searching for obscure data/references.

Email the librarians to ask a question or to set up an appointment.

Literature Searches

Your Boulder Labs Library Reference Staff offer advanced support for researchers conducting various types of literature reviews. They can carry out searches on your behalf to identify journal articles, guidelines, reviews, and other evidence-based information to help meet your research needs. They can also help you research a complex topic, find (or narrow down) material you need, or make sure you are getting accurate results.

To request research assistance, contact your liaison:

Daniel Draper
Reference & Bibliometrics Librarian


Erin Meyer 
Reference & Outreach and Marketing  Librarian