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General Contact & Team Information

General Contact Info

Reference/General Library Questions


ILL (Interlibrary Loan)


Web Developer


See: Library Liaison Program

Locations & Mail Codes

Main Library

Bldg 1 Room 1202 (1-1200)


Branch Library

DSRC Room 2C407 (33-2C407)


Public Services Mail Code R/ESRL51

Technical Services Mail Code R/ESRL5


Carrie Smith


Carrie Smith serves as the Library Director managing all aspects of Boulder Labs Library.


Daniel Draper, Affiliate

Bibliometrics & Reference Librarian

Daniel Draper is in charge of the Bibliometrics Program and part of the librarian reference team at Boulder Labs Library.


Erin Meyer, Affiliate

Marketing, Outreach & Reference Librarian

Erin Meyer is the Marketing & Outreach Librarian and part of the librarian reference team at Boulder Labs Library.


Laura Kistner

Interlibrary Loan Technician

Laura Kistner is the ILL (interlibrary loan) technician where she assists Boulder Labs staff with processing requests for articles and books from partner libraries  (print and electronic versions).   

NIST Librarian

Regina Avila

NIST Librarian  

The NIST Research Library in Gaithersburg is collaborating with the Boulder Labs Library to assist NIST staff. Gaithersburg librarian Regina Avila can help NIST staff address questions related to NIST publishing practices and research data management.