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Reference Services


The library provides an array of methods for assisting patrons in meeting their information needs. Professional library staff are available to answer reference questions and provide training on the use of electronic and manual resources. Reference questions may be submitted by email.

Literature Searches

Library reference staff can perform searches on the hundreds of subject specific databases that are available through subscriptions to various vendors. Searches can entail bibliographic verifications, author or cited reference searches, or comprehensive subject searches.

Library Seminars

The Library conducts informational and training seminars on a variety of topics depending on patron needs and research interests. Past topics include searching the citation/journal databases and accessing electronic journals. Seminars are announced via News. If you would like to schedule individual training for any of our resources, please contact one of the reference Staff.

"We thank the NOAA Library staff in Boulder (Sue Visser and Mike Robinson) for unearthing many obscure references."

Stanley Benjamin, et al. “100 Years of Progress in Forecasting and NWP Applications.” American Meteorological Society 59 (2019): 13.57–13.57.