3D Printing Program

3D printing services have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

The Library's 3D Printing Program is a self-service shared resource among NIST, NTIA and NOAA patrons. Details about the program can be found below:

3D Modeling Software & Files:

A 3D printer can assist your research by helping to visualize the environment (or changes therein) or to create customized prototypes and parts. Please see some examples below:

Lulzbot Taz6
  • Bathymetry
  • Drone parts
  • Electric motors
  • Electronic mounts
  • Geothermal maps
  • Hurricane patterns
  • Molecular structures
  • Optic mounts
  • Pyranometer parts
  • Radiation shield parts
  • Radiation spectrometer
  • Relief maps
  • Sample collection parts
  • Sea levels
  • Shorelines
  • Solar motor parts
  • Solar tracker parts
  • Topography
  • Wind turbine parts