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The library provides an array of up-to-date and innovative methods for assisting patrons in meeting their information needs. A professional library staff is available to answer reference questions and provide training on the use of the electronic and manual resources available in the library. Reference questions may be submitted by phone, fax, or email.

Literature Searches

Boulder Labs Library Reference Staff offer advanced support for researchers conducting various types of literature reviews. They can carry out searches on your behalf to identify journal articles, guidelines, systematic reviews, and other evidence-based infromation to help meet your requirements. This service might be useful if you are searching a complex topic, strugglilng to find material (or narrow down the amount you find) or you simply want to make sure you are getting the best results. To request a Literature Search plase contact a member of the Librarian Reference Staff.

Library Seminars

Periodically, the library conducts informational and training seminars on a variety of topics depending on patron needs and research interests. Past topics include searching the citation/journal databases, demonstration of CD-ROM applications, and accessing electronic journals. Seminars are announced via News. If you would like to schedule individual training for any of our resources, please contact one of the reference Staff.