ILL Policies and Procedures

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service of the Boulder Labs Library that provides copies of journal/conference articles and book chapters, plus loans of books and other material from libraries worldwide, as well as from the Boulder Labs Library. The service uses ILLiad, an online system that makes it easy to request items, receive electronic documents, check the status of your requests, and request renewals for loans. For more information about ILLiad, please follow the About ILLiad link at the bottom of the login screen and read the FAQ.

Request your ILLiad username or password

Send an email to or call 303.497.5570. ILL Staff will provide your username or reset your password.

Request these Items via Interlibrary Loan

  • Books
  • Copies of journal/conference articles and book chapters
  • DVDs, CDs, VHS, Audiocassettes
  • Technical reports and theses--The Library will help to locate lenders for these items. If a lender cannot be found, then the Library will provide information, when available, on how the requestor may purchase the item using lab funds.


These items are Usually not Available via ILL


The Library does not purchase patents. Library staff will try to locate patent information including pricing and purchasing sources. Many patents, however, are freely available in full-text online from the following sources:

  • Google patents (for US patents) -
  • Patent Storm -
  • esp@cenet (for international patents) -

Please check these resources prior to submitting patent requests to the Library.


The Library does not purchase standards; however, occasionally it is possible to obtain a copy or a loan of a standard from a lending library.

NIST employees may email a request to the NIST Standards Services Group at


Minimum Information Needed for ILL Request

Journal article or conference paper

  • Journal/Conference Title
  • Volume #
  • Date
  • Beginning page number
  • Author's last name & first initial

Book, technical report

  • Book/report title
  • Author's last name & first initial
  • Date For reports: indicate corporate source (e.g. Los Alamos National Labs) in the Notes field


  • Author's last name, first initial
  • Date
  • Educational institution

Submitting a Request

To submit a request via ILLiad, go here:

Submit only one item or article copy per ILLiad request.

Other methods for sending requests

For book loans: Save key-strokes by choosing Worldcat from the Library's list of databases, enter the title of an item, open its record, Look under "Get This Item," click on the "Request Item through ILLiad" button. The ILLiad log in screen appears. After logging in, the information about the book transfers to the request form. Click on Submit Request.

For article copy requests: If you are searching within a ScienceDirect journal title, you may also use the "Order Document" feature to send your request via email directly to Interlibrary Loan staff.

Request Follow-up

Check your email for messages from The subject line may read "Requested Item Delivered Electronically," or "About your request." All communication about your request comes from this address, including requests for clarification of a citation, delivery of a document, and full-text links to documents freely available online.

Rush Request

If you need an item quickly, submit the request via ILLiad, include the word "RUSH" in the note field. Then notify ILL staff either by email ( or phone (x5570).

Due Date

The due date is printed on the item's label. Electronically delivered material is available from your ILLiad account for 30 days.

Renewal Request

Renewals can be requested through ILLiad or you may contact ILL staff. The lending library may not renew, or it may renew for a shorter period than requested. You will be notified by email.

Overdue and Recall

You will receive a courtesy notice before an item is due. You may request a renewal at that time or return the item on the due date. If you keep an item past its due date, your account may be blocked. If the lending library needs the item, the lender can recall it, whether it's due or not.


Thank you for following these new procedures; they will ensure that you receive the best possible service.