Monthly Shorts Archive

Monthly Shorts Archive

This archive contains information from the Boulder Labs Library's series, Monthly Shorts. This series is dedicated towards educating and giving Boulder Labs team members information about library resources and library tools.

December 2022 
IEEE Courses

Learn more about IEEE Courses available to NOAA & NTIA Employees:

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October 2022 
Meeting Room Reservations

Learn more about how to reserve our meeting room in Building 1, Room 1200:

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September 2022
Token Access

Learn more about token access:  

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August 2022
eBooks: Books24x7

Learn more about Books24x7 for all NIST, NOAA, and NTIA team members:

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July 2022
NIST, NOAA, and NTIA: How to request a new account

Learn how to request a new account:

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June 2022
IEEE Xplore (NOAA and NTIA)

Learn how to access IEEE Xplore and find out what collections are available to you and your research team:

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May 2022
ProQuest eBook Central (NIST, NOAA, and NTIA)

eBook Central is available for NIST, NOAA, and NTIA. Click on the video below to learn more about how to access books in eBook Central today. As always, if you have any questions, have a resource

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April 2022
How to Recommend a Book

Learn how to recommend a book for Boulder Labs Library:

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